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its so obviousSomebody is kidnapped. Somebody dies. A car is blown up… Just a normal week for me.

I’m going to great lengths to figure out who is stalking me. And maybe what I’m doing isn’t completely legal, but I need to know. Except I am not allowed to leave my house. Which is a problem. At least I have Toby, the best stepbrother ever, to keep me company.

Yeah, things are definitely not going as planned. This is way more complicated than I thought it would be.

It’s So Obvious is book 4 in The Kihanna Saga.

Available on: Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, B&N, and Smashwords.

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39 Responses to Home

  1. nicci says:

    I got jaded on kobo but can’t buy the rest of the series just wondered why xx

    • Mercy Amare says:

      You SHOULD be able to get Faded and Hated soon! Kobo had some issues this past week, and they took off all self-published/ indie books and are SLOWLY adding them back on. :)

  2. cari says:

    Does it have dream casts for the fab life if so where

  3. Lily says:

    I love your books…. I just stumble upon them on Kobo and I am super happy I found your books… Thank you!

  4. georgia says:

    I loved the rock star trilogy but was sad to see alec wasnt mentioned on the ending so readers were left pondering about what happened to him.

    • Mercy Amare says:

      The Rock Star Trilogy was Scarlett and Stephan’s story, that’s why we didn’t see Alec’s HEA. I am going to write an Alec book. His story is called Complicated, and it will be coming out sometime in 2014.

      • Sabrina says:

        So happy to see that Alec will have his own story! Then end of the trilogy had me going crazy to find out what the heck happened!!

  5. Danica says:

    Hey!! I have just finished (I hate goodbeys) and I really can’t wait for the 3rd book.I just want to know who are the stalker is there in chance you can give us a tiny clue who it is PLEASE!!!!

  6. Victoria says:

    Will the book on alec after the end of hated when scar is 26 or from the start of jaded
    Im excited to find out if Alec and Brigett are a thing!!!

  7. Victoria says:

    When is the cover of complicated coming out ? Wait let me guess….. Its a surprise

  8. Omg i mean will it continue when scarlett is 26 or is alec…… Gone

  9. caitlin says:

    Just finished the rock star trilogy. I was sort of upset there was no alec in the end. I went back a few times thinking I missed something. I am happy to hear he will be continued

    • Mercy Amare says:

      I was going to give Alec his happy ever after in Hated, but everybody kept asking for an Alec book. So I decided to just write him his own book :) I think everybody will be satisfied with the ending.

  10. ellah says:

    please I have finished reading jaded, I would like the part 2 of it.

  11. Lois Colella says:

    When is the release date of stranded in paradise addicted to story badly need to know stalker

  12. Lois Colella says:

    Thank u your an amazing author !!

  13. Caileigh Grenier says:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Kihanna saga! It definitely keeps me hooked! August can’t come fast enough so I can find out who the stalker is!

  14. Mary says:

    I love love LOVE the Kihanna series. I finished the 4 books in 2 days it seems like August is so far away. I am impatiently awaiting book 5. I’m also very much going for a happy ending. Thank you so much for writing books that have kept me on pins and needles while reading. Is heart excitement that seriously has me hooked. I have thought of rereading them just to see if I can pick up on some clues I might have missed. I have my theories and can’t wait to see if I am right.

    • Mercy Amare says:

      I’m excited for the last book to be released too! :) I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series.

      • Mary says:

        Is there a set date in August for the next book to be released? Also, I saw in a previous comment that there are clues in book 1 and 2 as to the identity of the stalker are there clues in all the books leading up to the while story being revealed? And will “I need you”be the last book in the saga. Sorry for all the questions I just love this saga and I can’t wait to read ALL of your nooks.

  15. Nicola says:

    Love the Kiihanna sagas! Finished all four books in 2 days!!! Yes I was sat by a pool on holiday! But these books you just can’t put down!! Cannot wait for book 5!!!? :)

  16. Charlotte says:

    WHY have we got to wait till August for the final book ??!!! I have read all if the kihanna saga in 3 days and I NEED to read the last book ! Absolutely brilliant !

  17. Helena says:

    I just want to say that I love your books they are amazing. I love the Kihanna saga so much. I haven’t read It’s so pbvious yet but I am desperate to. They are so captivating. I am absolutely desperate to know who the stalker is, I have kind of guessed but I’m probably wrong. I also loved the jaded books. I am so excited that you are going to write an Alec book. I have to say though, if Bridget and Alec don’t get together I am gonna be so sad. It’s so cute in the books, Bridget makes me laugh. I can’t wait to read it. Char was such a good book as well, it made me laugh, I love how u included Scarlett’s concert on the book! You are an amazing author, I love reading your books. I stubbled across them on iBooks and I am so glad I did. I have three favourite authors and you are one of them. One of the others is Jillian Dodd and she has a series about a girl being stalked which is quite funny really, I love how I like these types of books. I love how your book keeps me in edge. I’m so excited to read the rest of the Khianna saga and Alec’s book.

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