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136 Responses to Home

  1. nicci says:

    I got jaded on kobo but can’t buy the rest of the series just wondered why xx

    • Mercy Amare says:

      You SHOULD be able to get Faded and Hated soon! Kobo had some issues this past week, and they took off all self-published/ indie books and are SLOWLY adding them back on. :)

  2. cari says:

    Does it have dream casts for the fab life if so where

  3. Lily says:

    I love your books…. I just stumble upon them on Kobo and I am super happy I found your books… Thank you!

  4. georgia says:

    I loved the rock star trilogy but was sad to see alec wasnt mentioned on the ending so readers were left pondering about what happened to him.

    • Mercy Amare says:

      The Rock Star Trilogy was Scarlett and Stephan’s story, that’s why we didn’t see Alec’s HEA. I am going to write an Alec book. His story is called Complicated, and it will be coming out sometime in 2014.

      • Sabrina says:

        So happy to see that Alec will have his own story! Then end of the trilogy had me going crazy to find out what the heck happened!!

  5. Danica says:

    Hey!! I have just finished (I hate goodbeys) and I really can’t wait for the 3rd book.I just want to know who are the stalker is there in chance you can give us a tiny clue who it is PLEASE!!!!

  6. Victoria says:

    Will the book on alec after the end of hated when scar is 26 or from the start of jaded
    Im excited to find out if Alec and Brigett are a thing!!!

  7. Victoria says:

    When is the cover of complicated coming out ? Wait let me guess….. Its a surprise

  8. Omg i mean will it continue when scarlett is 26 or is alec…… Gone

  9. caitlin says:

    Just finished the rock star trilogy. I was sort of upset there was no alec in the end. I went back a few times thinking I missed something. I am happy to hear he will be continued

    • Mercy Amare says:

      I was going to give Alec his happy ever after in Hated, but everybody kept asking for an Alec book. So I decided to just write him his own book :) I think everybody will be satisfied with the ending.

  10. ellah says:

    please I have finished reading jaded, I would like the part 2 of it.

  11. Lois Colella says:

    When is the release date of stranded in paradise addicted to story badly need to know stalker

  12. Lois Colella says:

    Thank u your an amazing author !!

  13. Caileigh Grenier says:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Kihanna saga! It definitely keeps me hooked! August can’t come fast enough so I can find out who the stalker is!

  14. Mary says:

    I love love LOVE the Kihanna series. I finished the 4 books in 2 days it seems like August is so far away. I am impatiently awaiting book 5. I’m also very much going for a happy ending. Thank you so much for writing books that have kept me on pins and needles while reading. Is heart excitement that seriously has me hooked. I have thought of rereading them just to see if I can pick up on some clues I might have missed. I have my theories and can’t wait to see if I am right.

    • Mercy Amare says:

      I’m excited for the last book to be released too! :) I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series.

      • Mary says:

        Is there a set date in August for the next book to be released? Also, I saw in a previous comment that there are clues in book 1 and 2 as to the identity of the stalker are there clues in all the books leading up to the while story being revealed? And will “I need you”be the last book in the saga. Sorry for all the questions I just love this saga and I can’t wait to read ALL of your nooks.

  15. Nicola says:

    Love the Kiihanna sagas! Finished all four books in 2 days!!! Yes I was sat by a pool on holiday! But these books you just can’t put down!! Cannot wait for book 5!!!? :)

  16. Charlotte says:

    WHY have we got to wait till August for the final book ??!!! I have read all if the kihanna saga in 3 days and I NEED to read the last book ! Absolutely brilliant !

  17. Helena says:

    I just want to say that I love your books they are amazing. I love the Kihanna saga so much. I haven’t read It’s so pbvious yet but I am desperate to. They are so captivating. I am absolutely desperate to know who the stalker is, I have kind of guessed but I’m probably wrong. I also loved the jaded books. I am so excited that you are going to write an Alec book. I have to say though, if Bridget and Alec don’t get together I am gonna be so sad. It’s so cute in the books, Bridget makes me laugh. I can’t wait to read it. Char was such a good book as well, it made me laugh, I love how u included Scarlett’s concert on the book! You are an amazing author, I love reading your books. I stubbled across them on iBooks and I am so glad I did. I have three favourite authors and you are one of them. One of the others is Jillian Dodd and she has a series about a girl being stalked which is quite funny really, I love how I like these types of books. I love how your book keeps me in edge. I’m so excited to read the rest of the Khianna saga and Alec’s book.

  18. Lily says:

    Who is Bridget with at the end of the rockstar trilogy is she with Alec?

    • Mercy Amare says:

      I am writing a book from Alec’s perspective :) So any unanswered questions you have about Alec and Bridgett will be answered in that book! It’s coming out in December!

  19. Sarah says:

    I love your books on kihanna it would be nice if you could keep her going for a few more books and maybe make it into a film I haven’t read in a long time and I just can’t but the kihanna series down I love them I’m really looking forward to the next book I just hope she doesn’t end there it would be nice to see her whole story like a series/ soap xxx

  20. Tegan Shaw says:

    I couldn’t stop reading the first book in the Kihanna saga. I have to say it is one of the best books that I have read in a long time. I’m definatly going to buy the rest of the series for my birthday in september just wish I could read them sooner. Looking forward to getting them!!

  21. Tegan Shaw says:

    What inspire you to write? I have been through over half a year withut writing because I could think of any idea’s. What advice would you give if you were stuck on idea’s

    • Mercy Amare says:

      I’m not sure exactly what “inspires” me. I know that the more I read, the more I write. So I suggest reading a lot, and writing a lot. What I do normally is create one main character and base the story/ other characters around her. Hope that helps :) Also, I have to have quite or music playing to write. So try that!

      • teegideegi says:

        Ok thank you I always have music on when im writing as I’m one to write romance books so I like the love songs to listen to you are definatly an amazing author though

      • Mercy Amare says:

        I always have a huge variety. Sometimes I like to listen to classical music or score music (any type of music without words) because it’s easier to concentrate on certain scenes. Once you get into the grove you will find what works the best for you :)

      • teegideegi says:

        Thank you I know I always play music when im writing because im more of the romance writer so I like the meanings of the music. I just wanted to say that I think you are a reaaly good author and a really genuine person and I really like that

      • Mercy Amare says:

        <3 thank you. I am thinking about doing a blog post with writing advice. Or at least about what helps ME. Maybe it will help somebody else! :)

  22. Tegan Shaw says:

    I would love to share my final story with you once I have finsihed writing it!! If you would want to read it

  23. Annabeth Louis says:

    Hey Mercy I’m a big fan of your first book in the Kihanna saga but for my birthday in a couple of days I am looking to buy the entire saga as one do you by any chance know were I can get the entire set without ordering each one separately thankyou for reading this I hope you respond Annabeth-Louis

    • Mercy Amare says:

      Well, the last book in the series isn’t complete yet. Once the last book is out I might be putting it into a bind-up, but I honestly haven’t thought that far ahead. BUT, I am putting books 2 & 3 on sale for two weeks. It’ll happen a week before the release of I Need You, so then would be a good time to buy them :)

  24. Annabeth Louis says:

    If you dont mind me asking how much will they be on sale for? on the 10th august I am going out on a shoppping trip so I need to know how much money to save

  25. Annabeth Louis says:

    ok thank you Mercy

  26. molly2577 says:

    hello, my mum will not pay for books on iTunes, and I really loves your first book, I was wondering if any of your other books are free on iTunes I just love it! I cannot put it down I have read it twice now :) pleAse answer back so I could possibly keep reading

  27. molly2577 says:

    I live in the uk and I have read you first book I love it! do you know where I can buy the rest of them, in the shops, or are they only available as e-books? I’d love to buy them all in a shop so I can borrow them to my bestfriend because she loves your first book aswell! if you can buy them in stores do you know how much they would be? and which shops!

  28. Grace says:

    Hi!! I LOVED YOUR BOOK!! (The fab life) I read it all and it’s my favourite book evveerrr!!💕💕💕💕 you need too tell me more about this book! Is (I hate goodbyes) like part too? Plz reply cuz I can’t live like this lol

  29. teegideegi says:

    Hey mercy I was wondering do you ever do any competitions or ever considered doing them and for people who win they get there names put in one of your books as a character or something like that?

  30. Grace says:

    I will be sure to read them all! Xx are they all free?

    • teegideegi says:

      I wish all books were free Grace lol

      • Mercy Amare says:

        If books were free, there wouldn’t be books. People would still write them, but there would be no way to get them edited or published. I don’t mind paying for books, I guess because I know how many months (sometimes years) goes into plotting, writing, editing, promoting, etc of a book. I don’t mind paying for a movie or a book or a game, because in the end, I’m getting hours of entertainment for not a lot of money.

  31. Anna says:

    OMG. I didn’t suspect he/she to be the stalker!

  32. teegideegi says:

    I was wondering. I know you have a new series comming out and it may be afew. Is there any chance that they will be free on Ibooks

    • Mercy Amare says:

      At this time, I’m not making anymore of my books free. This is my job. It’s how I pay rent. And how I feed my family.

      • teegideegi says:

        I’m sorry I completely understand. I’ve seen your family on instagram!!!! By the way have you ever considered writing a book that is sutible for teens but with out the swearing or the things like that?

      • Mercy Amare says:

        I know that not all teens swear. But a lot do. I just don’t feel like it would be realistic without it. HOWEVER, I have cut back a LOT on the swearing in my new books. In fact Dirty Secrets (the on coming out in October) only has a handful throughout all 5 books.

  33. Taylaxxx says:

    Hi Tayla here over the past few months I have fallen in love with your books. I have read all the kihanna saga and the East Wood prep series. I have accomplish reading one book in a day I am that attached. You have inspired me with your writing, When I finish reading your books I always see a lesson behind the story it is amazing the way you write. You are my favorite author but I just have a few questions to ask!

    1:In the book Kate will it follow on from Ali?  

    2: Will any more books come out in the Kihanna saga?  

    3: If any more books of these 2 series would happen to come out when would they be coming out? 

    Thank you for taking your time to read my questions. I would love it if you could give me some answers that would be so amazing. As I cant wait any longer to know!!!! 
    luv from Taylaxxx

    • Mercy Amare says:

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my stories. Thank you for contact me! That means a lot <3

      1 – Kate will continue a little after Ali left off. Kate is Christian and Tristan's half-sister. Neither of them know she exists, so that's going to be fun ;). Of course you will see lots of Char, Tristan, Ali & Christian.

      2 – I don't have a definite answer for you. The series is complete as is, but I am considering a spin-off series. One that follows Kihanna in college.

      3 – I'm hoping Kate will come out in summer of 2015. (Char came out summer of 2013. Ali the summer of 2014). But I write it when I'm in the mood to write a stand alone. When I need a break from the craziness of whatever series I'm working on ;) PLUS, I love the characters in this series.

      As far as Kihanna… if I write the spin-off, it probably won't happen for a while. But we will see :)
      <3 Mercy

  34. Grace says:

    Hi, as you might know already I am obsessed with your books and have read all of them. Will there possibly be a new book? I’m so sad I finished them all in no more then a week 😂

  35. Grace says:

    Oh and also I always had a slight feeling the stalker was the (pool boy) am I getting anywhere with this because I also have a slight feeling it’s a girl🙊 plz answer my first message also😲

  36. Grace says:


  37. Taylaxxx says:

    hi Mercy is Don’t Tell and You Got Me connected in anyway or are they separate books?

  38. Taylaxxx says:

    and I have pre ordered Deception and Ultimatum when abouts are they coming out?

    • Mercy Amare says:

      Ultimatum is coming out on October 3. Deception will come out one week later on October 10. I am releasing 1 book a week in this series until the last one comes out on October 31 :)

  39. Taylaxxx says:

    sorry about all the questions I’m asking :)

  40. teegideegi says:

    Hi mercy!!! I’m still loving your books. I’ve been wondering. Do you ever conciser writing just 1 really long novel about different characters with a different story line. I love reading a series but I also really enjoy reading novels that just have 1 book. xxx Teegideegi

    • Mercy Amare says:

      Not all of my books are in a series. I write books in a series because I LOVE reading books in a series. I like getting several books with characters as opposed to 1 book with them. Like I said, sometimes I do write stand-alones. I prefer lots of books because I get attached to my characters :)

  41. Rachel Jones says:

    I love your books there amazing! I read them all within 3days I was hooked!! It’s actuall quite sad to not read anymore about Gabe, Toby, Ty & Kihanna 💜 your an amazing writer and I look forward to reading more!! Thank you!!! Rachel xx

    • Mercy Amare says:

      Actually………. there is a spin off series coming! Kihanna in college. And I am SO EXCITED! I’m writing it now and it should be available in February 2015!

      • Rachel jones says:

        Oh my god,, I can not wait!! <3 so looking forward to them coming out!! But really can't wait that long!! I've told all my friends about them, there hooked too!
        You are amazing!! Thank you looking forward to them!! 😝
        Rachel x

      • Mercy Amare says:

        Thank you <3 I'm glad you're excited! I am too! Like , I kind of wish it was February already ;)

  42. Nerys schillemore says:

    I love the Kihanna books love them so much I was wondering if there was going to be a TV series or a movie in the UK :)

  43. Taylaxxx says:

    wow your new series with madi is really intense and omggggg I just read some comments above YOUR HAVING A NEW SERIES OF KIHANNA!!!!! I literally screamed I can’t wait!!!!! hopefully February comes fast ;( your such a amazing writer, please keep bringing more books out :) -Tayla xx

    • Mercy Amare says:

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying Dirty Secrets. Madi was a blast to write. She’s SO DIFFERENT than me, so it was unique to be inside her head. I’m glad you’re excited about the spin off series! I’m quite excited as well. <3 Thank you!

  44. amanda early says:

    I just finished all 5 books bought them all last week…cant wait till the next one…is it going to be suspense and will toby be in the book..

    • Mercy Amare says:

      Wow that was so fast! I’m excited for the next one as well. I’m writing it right now! :) YES, Toby will be in the next book. He is still in HS and Kihanna is in college, but Toby definitely won’t be missing the sorority parties on the weekend! Don’t worry. Toby is very active in ALL the books!

  45. missmelyt says:

    Hey mercy, your books about kianna are brilliant, I loved them!! I can’t wait for kihanna in college to come out ☺️ Thank you for being a brilliant writer ❤️

  46. Hey mercy, I love the kihanna stories, there amazing 😊 I can’t wait for kihanna in college to come out. I couldn’t put the books down, I have them all on my iPad so I’m waiting to get the others when they come out straight away 😊 ❤️

    • Mercy Amare says:

      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Kihanna’s story so far! I’m excited that people wanted me to continue it. I can’t wait to release it and share it with the world! <3

  47. Dianah says:

    Why am I unable to find Complicated??? I loved the series and wanted the final piece but I can’t seem to find the book anywhere.

  48. Secret says:

    I LOVE the books that you are writing. I have read all of the Kihanna books and Rock Star trilogy. I have a few questons
    1. Kihanna Saga–Is Kihanna going to get another stalker in college?
    2. Rock Star– Is there going to be another book and when is it being published?

    • Mercy Amare says:

      1 — It’s hard for me to answer this question without being too spoilerish, but let’s just say somebody from Kihanna’s past will be reappearing.

      2 — I don’t know. I want to write a Alec & Bridgett story, but so far the timing hasn’t been right. Hopefully I will in 2015.

      • Secret says:

        OK. Thank you so much for responding to me. I have been reading your books since August and I love your writing.

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