This 1956 classic is organized as follows—

Part I. The Nature of Meditation
Chapter 1. The Purpose of Meditation
Chapter 2. The Necessity of Meditation
Chapter 3. Saint Teresa’s Concept of Meditation
Chapter 4. A Simplified Method of Meditation

Part II. Explanation of the Method
Chapter 5. General Preparation for Meditation
Chapter 6. Immediate Preparation for Meditation
Chapter 7. Selection of the Material
Chapter 8. The Consideration
Chapter 9. The Conversation—Heart of the Meditation
Chapter 10. The Conclusion of the Meditation

Part III. Variations of the Method
Chapter 11. Meditative Recitation of Prayers
Chapter 12. Meditative Reading

Part IV. Difficulties in Meditation
Chapter 13. Distractions
Chapter 14. Aridities

Part V. Demonstration of the Method
Chapter 15. The Regular Method—A Demonstration
Chapter 16. The Alternate Methods—A Demonstration

Part VI. Indispensable Aids to Meditation
Chapter 17. Recollection
Chapter 18. Detachment
Chapter 19. Spiritual Reading

Part VII. Progress in Meditation
Chapter 20. Facility in Meditation
Chapter 21. Advanced Mental Prayer

Part VIII. The Royal Highway
Chapter 22. St. Teresa’s Royal Highway

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