His mission was to help her, but the take-charge outdoorsman finds he needs her assistance. Is she up for the task?

Marc Jenkins is a true outdoorsman preferring to hike, camp, and fly his plane. His Saints' protection assignment appears easy…fly to Alaska and escort Dr. Rhodes, a renown microbiologist working with Homeland Security against terrorism. He never expected to find a beautiful woman as his charge.

Kendall finds the enigmatic pilot fascinating, but more comfortable in the laboratory than the outdoors, she settles in for the flight…until sabotage causes them to crash in the Canadian wilderness in the middle of a blizzard.

Marc is confident he can take care of her but finds their roles reversed after an injury. As Marc and Kendall work to survive in the wild until they can be rescued, the Saints investigate who wants the doctor dead. Can Marc and Kendall stay alive long enough to be rescued…and find love along the way between two opposites?

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