Born to a family tainted by vampire blood, Zora has always felt the stigma of her family’s history. When history becomes vividly real as her great-great grandfather tracks her down and trades her for a blood debt owed to the local vampire king.
After her ancestor hands her over, she finds a way to trade her particular skill set for room and board in the vampire court. Her first week goes well until the king decides that she needs a warm body to relax with.
Regick has come to see the woman that his friend wishes him to heat up, and the shy miss that is surrounded by salivating shifters is what he has been looking for. Her blood will confirm if his instincts are correct, but first, he will taste the rest of her, for his own entertainment.
A dragon’s blood will tell the tale, but will their one night together be enough to keep him from taking her to his lair, or will instinct win the day?

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