A thirst for vengeance that desire cannot quench....

A dark romantic suspense perfect for fans of Pepper Winters and Skye Warren.

I took an oath to save lives, but now there's one I'm hell-bent on shattering.
I'm on a quest for revenge. I've traded in my surgeon's scalpel for a switchblade.
When they took her,
Raped her,
Murdered her,
They destroyed me.
And now my rage is real, raw, and relentless.  
…But when I find Rayne, another captive, my protective instincts, and desire catapult into overdrive.
Now, it's more than revenge. I want more.  I won't stop until I have it. Can't stop until I have her.
Trigger Alert: Prepare for a villain who will captivate and enslave you, an alpha determined to ruin you, and a shattered girl who will steal your heart.  Tread lightly as this novel is graphic, complete with darkness and raw, ravaging pain—a pain some may not be able to handle.  Many cannot.  Consider yourself warned.  Proceed with caution. . .

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