Become a better salesperson or sales leader by learning to debunk the myths of the latest miracle solutions and focus your sales strategy on a proven approach that will drive the results you want.

Can succeeding in sales be as simple as hooking up the latest CRM tool or perfecting your social media profiles and waiting for qualified leads to automatically show up in your inbox? Are you having trouble believing what the new self-proclaimed “experts” post on LinkedIn and beginning to question their proclamation that?everything?in sales has changed?

The one constant in the world of sales is the noise from self-titled sales experts and thought leaders informing you of the latest tools, tricks, and strategies that you should utilize. However, ironically, the more modern solutions you adopt, the harder it is to get results.

In?Sales Truth, bestselling author Mike Weinberg offers a wake-up call to salespeople and sales leaders on how to bypass the noise so you can start winning more new sales. Some truths you’ll learn include:
Many self-proclaimed sales experts lack clients, credibility, and a track record of helping sellers achieve breakthrough results. The number of “likes” a sales improvement article receives is often inversely proportional to its accuracy or helpfulness to a seller or sales team. What has worked exceedingly well in sales and sales management for the past couple of decades is still the (not so) secret to sales success today. 
Weinberg brings sanity back to the sales table by sharing proven strategies that works firsthand for sales team in several, diverse industries around the globe. Look no further than Weinberg’s powerful principles to help you become a professional sales master and create more new sales opportunities.

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