He was ready to give up the party life.

After years of no commitments with the vacationing women who visited his family's pub, Aiden MacFarlane yearned for more out of life.

But for single mom, Lia Smith, the last thing she was interested in was the town's Peter Pan. 

First impressions were not favorable… for either of them, but eventually see what lies beneath the surface.

Her job is to find out who might be stealing money from the town and knows her investigation will ruffle feathers. As Aiden falls for Lia and her adorable daughter, he takes on the role of protector when she is threatened.

Will Aiden be able to save them before someone takes away his chance to truly live life to the fullest?

Baytown Boys…

Military duty called them away to war zones, but after tours overseas, the group of friends found their way back home as men, seeking the peaceful little seaside town. Now, the band of brothers, together once more, work to provide a place for less fortunate veterans to call home.

Scenes in the book are similar to what you would find in an R-Rated movie. Readers 18+ please.

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