Return to The Rosewoods with this short story that readers have been begging for. A little slice of life to remind you what you love about Brooklyn and Brady. And to introduce you to what's next.

Brooklyn Prescott is having an amazing summer working at the Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence. She's living with her bestie, Emmie, and is spending her days working in the stables with Brady and James, developing their new therapeutic riding program for people with disabilities.

Mucking out stalls, caring for the horses, and endless hours in the stables are a small price to pay to get the summer holiday of her dreams.

Except, it's not much of a holiday—more like crazy hard work, no matter how rewarding it is. Brooklyn's beat, falling into bed exhausted at the end of each day, just to wake up and do it all over again.

So, when her friends decide she needs a break, they pack her a bag and send her off for a weekend of fun and pampering.

But to where (Wait. You've seen the cover, right)?

With who? (Oh, come on, you've figured that out, too, I know you have!)

To do…what? (Finally, a mystery!)

And what will she discover? (Ooooh, a twist? Perhaps. Read and find out.)

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