WINDY CORNER is the fourth book in the Laura McNaughty Adventures series where Laura finds and rescues a little dog from the rocks after it was washed overboard from a passing yacht. She and her friends also enjoy a camping trip on the Conker which is an island with an abandoned lighthouse, and they take on two badger baiters who come into Stokey's Woods to dig out the badgers from their underground homes.

Laura McBean lives in the middle cottage of three with her brother Johnny and her mum on the edge of Stokey's Woods. Laura was quite a mischievous girl when she was growing up, and that is how she got the nickname of Laura McNaughty. She doesn't get into as much mischief now because she is that little bit older; but if she finds out that someone has been cruel to animals then that person, whoever he or she maybe, will have Laura and her friends to contend with.

Welcome to the Laura McNaughty Adventures. The stories are suitable for all age groups, from kids of all levels, to teens and adults too. It's just good family reading. The books can be read in any order as the stories stand alone.

Simon Dudley's, beautifully written and charmingly portrayed, children's book series is a pleasure to read. The lost and nearly forgotten years of 1950's childhood can be experienced within these pages as the author cleverly immerses you into their world. This is a real treat for any reader, young or old, who fancies a bit of time travel back to when kids could literally be kids.

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