From USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic comes a sexy, new bully romance.<br>
Welcome to the privileged world of Hawthorne Prep.  From the outside, the hundred acres of perfectly manicured property seems like an idyllic place to finish out my senior year before spring boarding to the college of my choice.  Unfortunately, like most things in life, looks are deceiving.<br>
And I would know that better than most.<br>
Two months ago, my parents moved us to Nowheresville, Wisconsin in order for my father to claim his inheritance.  Little did we know the town hated us or that there was a decades long feud which would ultimately lead to a forced engagement.<br>
Kingsley Rothchild, the self-appointed king of Hawthorne Prep, has made me his queen.  Even though I’ve bent my knee and kissed the crown, it doesn’t take long to realize how easily queens can be cast aside.  If I’d thought all the secrets had been dragged into the light and we would get our happily ever after, I couldn’t have been more wrong.<br>
I’m about to learn that what they say is true...the higher you rise, the harder your fall from grace is. <br>
*Queen of Hawthorne Prep is a mature bully romance intended for audiences over the age of 18*

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