The happy ending is never the end of the story... Find out what happens before and after in the worlds of Oh. My. Gods., Forgive My Fins, and Sweet Venom.
The World of Myths » Find out whether Stella has a heart, how Phoebe spends her Valentine, what's at the center of Nicole's labyrinth, how Griffin is surprised, and who Xella is and why they're going on a first date.
The World of Mermaids » Find out what (or who) Coral dreams about, who gives Lily princess lessons, what Shannen's first swim feels like, what Astria thinks is a shore thing, and how to go about making a merman.
The World of Monsters » Find out where a Nemean Lion hangs out, why you should always bet on Medusa, what freedom tastes like, how to get a golden apple, and who has to play the role of monster bait.
Return to the worlds of Tera Lynn Childs in this magical collection of fifteen short stories in print for the first time.

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