Power BI: Essential Beginner's Guide to Power BI to bring data to life provides an overview of the key features and requirements required for the user to be able to develop dashboards that provide a 360-degree view of the business. 

This book is intended not only for those who want to analyze data routinely but also for those who wish to generate and perform the most diverse activities. The benefits of knowing how to analyze and make fact based decisions are arguably beneficial not only at the executive and managerial levels but also at different levels.
You will be able to learn and improve your Power BI Dashboard presentations.You will learn what Power BI is from its inception at launch understanding its positioning in the workforce to how to install it and how to start using it.You will learn important Power BI concepts for starting your studies and familiarizing yourself with terms that will be necessary for a firm understanding of this powerful tool.You will also understand the concepts of dashboards, Data Warehouse, and their practical applications.You will learn to assemble your dashboard effectively and best practices for Dashboard design and the right way to build your indicators. Then you will learn about the mechanism of the area of ​​construction of the panels and tips for using visuals.You will learn about creating projects on Power BI.You will understand the Power BI Desktop and Cloud Service process from the moment you create your account, publish the dashboard, and understand what happens to the dashboard when it is published.
Overall, you will understand the entire Business Intelligence process and how it is applied to Power BI from information on what are the benefits of implementing this process in your day-to-day and what precautions we need to take to begin analyzing data.

It will open the door of your first contact with Microsoft Power BI. An overview of the basic functionality for you to understand the engine, tips on how to connect data sources, and much more!

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