Santiago finally has what he wants. His baby is growing inside me.

I’ve rewritten her destiny, binding her to me for good. 

Things are changing for us. I see beyond the monster he shows the world. 
See the scars he hides beneath the ink. 

Love is a weakness men like me can’t afford. I’ve decided to keep her, but I’ll never forfeit my revenge.

His final betrayal proves his vengeance means more to him than our love. 

I will have my pound of flesh, no matter the cost. 

I made a mistake trusting him. I forgot how much he likes my tears. 

When I am through, I’ll have what I thought I always needed.

I’ll run from him. I’ll have to. 

I’ll bring her back when she runs. I’ll always bring her back. She belongs with me. 

But it’s too late when I realize he’s not the only monster in my world. And that mistake will cost us both dearly.

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