Welcome back to the 80's, baby! Put away the Aqua Net and slip into something a little more comfortable while you enjoy this short 80's story!
Tyler Nelson
College quarterback. Rob Lowe dreamy. Older brother’s best friend.
I’ve crushed hard on Ty ever since he kissed me at a school dance when I was fifteen years old. Sure, he only did it to make me feel better, but that’s beside the point. It was the best five seconds of my life. Now that I’ve graduated from high school, it seems like the perfect time to show him that I’m not the dorky little kid with braces he left behind.
Danielle Wentworth
Newly minted Pine Grove graduate. Elizabeth Shue adorable. Best friend’s younger sister.
I’ve spent years trying to force Dani from my head. I mean, come on, she’s my best bud’s little sis. Brett will pummel my a$$ if he finds out I’ve been perving on her. That alone should be enough to keep me in check. All it takes is one look from across a crowded party for me to realize that I can’t fool myself any longer. I want to make that girl mine.

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