New York Times best-selling author Meghan March brings you the complete Forge Trilogy finally under one cover! A ruthless, modern-day pirate of a CEO, Jericho Forge prefers the deck of his ships to dry land—and he always plays to win, no matter the game. His latest pawn is poker champion India Baptiste, whose life he takes by storm, talking her into a deal with a devil—trading her freedom for something even more precious. But India doesn’t realize Jericho is holding an unbeatable hand and never shares everything he knows. Now she has to survive the high-stakes game of her life with her heart intact, if she can manage not to fall in love with the enigmatic and only partially civilized billionaire. But Jericho faces his toughest challenge ever. Triumph will require the one thing he’s never offered to a woman in his life—his heart. Can true love conquer all in this adventure romance spanning Europe and the high seas?

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