Learn Greek through Ancient Greek Philosophy

Twenty (20) texts (in English and modern Greek) of Ancient Greek Philosophy formulated with purpose 1) to learn the basics of the pre-Socratic Greek Philosophy and at the same time 2) to learn how to read, write and understand modern Greek. A book that combines a specific subject (Ancient Greek Philosophy) and a guide to meet and learn the modern Greek language. It is not a self-learning book, but a tool that you and your tutor will use for studying Greek and philosophy step by step. Starting from the alphabet and the pronunciation, you are guided to learn how to read Greek texts, to study Greek grammar, vocabulary and syntax, and finally to be able to understand Greek texts. Completing successfully all the units of the book, you are ready to start speaking correctly and better than the average Greek today. Trust your instinct, if you are fond of learning anything that could fulfill your aspirations for a humanities-based way of life!

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