Navy SEAL.



Joining the military wasn't a choice, it was survival. It was also the last place they would think to look for me. Hiding in plain sight, I lived in the shadow of deployments… until an off-the-books mission put me in the crosshairs of my past.

My cover blown, I walked away from the SEALs and sought refuge at the one place where I'd be more invisible than on the Teams—Alpha Elite Security. As a Black Ops government contractor, AES was the world's leading provider of security solutions. High stakes, higher price tag, and complete anonymity. Trained to kill long before the Navy put a gun in my hand, I fit right in.

Legally aiming my rifle, taking any AES assignment that guaranteed action, I lived to fight. But then I made a mistake. One single misstep and I was face to face with the only woman who could kill me faster than a bullet.

Code name: Echo.

Mission: Evade.

ECHO is a standalone book in the exciting Alpha Elite Series by USA Today Bestselling author, Sybil Bartel. Come meet Echo and the dominant, alpha heroes who work for AES!

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