Pot-bound is the sequel to Jo Edward’s bestselling novel, Work Wife Balance.
Since discovering the Wonderbra and facial wax strips, Kate King has never been short of a partner. Now, having reached the age of looking forward to a dull evening, she finds herself single, following her husband’s admission of an affair with a conniving colleague.
At first euphoric with her newfound freedom, Kate soon discovers that M&S gourmet ranges and branded vodka are no longer economically viable. As bullies and incompetents threaten her career and livelihood, she is terrified of sliding into a Special Brewed, wolf-fleeced oblivion.
Under intense pressure at work and becoming increasingly isolated, Kate finally succumbs to Internet dating but stumbles across a minefield of pretence, exaggeration and downright lies. Having ended his relationship with The Trollop, The Ex begins to circle. Disillusioned with her dating experiences, Kate is tempted to return to her old life. Will she be capable of spreading new roots amidst the harshness and turbulence of her existence, or will she forever be twisted around into knots?

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