Mixed Reception is the third novel in the Kate King trilogy. 'Kate is a wonderful character, believable and likeable and with a nice line in funny put-downs'. Daily Mail.
Kate King should be an extremely contented woman. Her new man is good with his hands, she has embarked on a new career with the prestigious Hi! Hotels leisure chain and she still fits a size twelve, albeit in elasticised sweatpants.
But all is not well.
A long-term sufferer of agro-phobia (fear of parenthood), Kate struggles to forge a relationship with her new partner’s child. Her attempts to bond with the little boy only serve to traumatise him, while her prospective in-laws do their best to thwart any progress Kate makes. The team at Farzyk Hall provide little comfort, with Reception a hotbed of malicious gossip and extra-marital affairs, while the penny-pinching hotel directives drive guests to distraction. To make matters worse, a shapely love rival is lurking, perky bits primed and ready to fire the minute Kate trips up.
As her troubles multiply, Kate begins to wonder if any relationship is really worth the constant torment.

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