From award-winning author Tera Lynn Childs comes a fun, flirty story about friendship, fashion, and how far one girl will go to avoid another conversation about her ex.

“Eye Candy is a romance that's just as sweet and addicting as candy, without the high sugar content” — The YA Lit Chick

Every girl deserves something sweet...

Lydia Vanderwalk has worked hard to have the perfect job, the perfect wardrobe, and the perfect everything else. She only needs two things to make her life completely perfect: 1) a promotion at work and 2) for everyone to stop talking about the supposedly-perfect fiance she left at the altar. She tries to check number two off the list by inventing a fictitious boyfriend, but the plan backfires when she actually needs to produce him in order to go after number one.

Phelps was supposed to be pure eye candy, a male model hired to play the part of picture-perfect boyfriend. But there’s more going on beneath his pretty face than charm and spontaneity.
Throw in a banking wunderkind ex-fiancé, a trio of cutthroat couture-climbers, and an adventure that leads from New York to Milan and back again, and Lydia soon learns that what you see is often much less than what you get when it comes to people and not everything in life can be solved by a Jolly Rancher and a shopping spree.

Eye Candy is a standalone book in the City Chicks series, a romantic chick lit romp perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Carrie Bradshaw, and Project Runway.

Praise for Eye Candy

“This is a candy cotton good book, sweet, light and funny.” — julie on Amazon

“Loved every page!!!!” — Cally on Goodreads

“It’s a perfect summer read!!!!” — moviebunny on Goodreads

“I love, love, LOVE this book! So much fun, and SO cute!” — ReadingIsFunForEveryone on Amazon

“I LOVED this book! Some parts just made me LOL” — reader on Barnes & Noble

“Eye Candy was a delicious read.” — Nat at Bibliojunkies

“This is a fun story that combines candy and romance with a totally hot guy. What could be better?”  — Crystal on Amazon

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