Last year, Cassidy Jameson tanked her freshman year at college. It was nothing short of a- Huge. Epic. Fail. Instead of focusing on classes and her sport, she ended up cracking under the pressure and losing everything that was important to her. After spending nine long months trying to piece herself back together again, Cassidy is now starting over at a new university. It’s a place where no one knows about the anxiety she suffers from or the mistakes that sent her careening out of control. It’s a fresh start where she can finally get her life back on track and prove to her family, not to mention herself, that she’s not a total screw up.

So this year, there’s no room for anything but academics. And yeah, she’ll humor her childhood friend and roommate, Brooklyn, by going to a party or two, but she has zero interest in getting caught up in that lifestyle again. She’s not about to make the same mistake twice by becoming unfocused.

It’s unfortunate that someone didn’t mention that to a certain hockey playing hottie because he just won’t take the hint that she’s not interested. As much as Cassidy hates to admit it, if she has a type, Cole Mathews definitely fits the bill perfectly. With his dark shaggy hair, golden brown eyes, muscular arms, and those damnable dimples of his- he's absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and did she just so happen to mention his hard wide chest? Yeah... totally dreamy. Er... if she were the dreamy sort, that is. Thank goodness she's not. To make matters worse, he's ridiculously easy going. And yeah, she’ll come right out and say it- nice.

Definitely kryptonite material.

Which makes him much too dangerous for the likes of her and this year, she's smart enough to know it. Even though resisting him seems futile, that doesn't mean she isn’t going to try her damnedest to do it.

This novel is intended for readers 18+. *Language & Sexual Situations*

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