Navy SEAL Chief Wyatt Lockwood is fascinated by Marine sniper Captain Talia Culver.  But she wants nothing to do with him after learning of his reputation as a heartbreaker.  The cocky Texan refuses to take the hint and keeps placing himself in Tal’s path.  When she agrees to help him tend to needy families in an Afghan village, she learns there’s more to this SEAL than meets the eye.  But is she strong enough to risk having her heart broken again?
Wyatt can’t stay away from the beautiful, surly Marine. Tal is fascinating—and frustrating—and he is determined to crack through her tough exterior and get to know the soft woman he knows lurks beneath the surface.  When he joins Tal on a sniper mission in the Afghan mountains, their bond continues to grow.  But the mission takes a dangerous turn. Has he lost his chance with Tal forever?

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