The Simonie

Even if all versions of The Simonie were in fact by a single author proposition that Ross does not attempt to prove -- the later versions would presumably be revisions of , not additions to , the original . The one thing certain about ...

The Simonie

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Writing Aloud
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Pages: 247
Authors: Nancy M. Bradbury
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 1998 - Publisher: University of Illinois Press

In this study, Nancy Bradbury presents a spectrum of medieval English romances that extends from the fragmentary remains of a predominantly oral tradition to a writerly work that proclaims its own place in the European tradition of canonical poetry. By focusing on works composed at the interface of oral and
The Simonie
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Authors: Dan Embree, Elizabeth Urquhart
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New work on Lollard writings and ideas accompanied by a comprehensive bibliography on Wyclif and Lollardy and a survey of previous scholarship.
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